Why do PPshniks chew weed all the time?!

√ All leafy vegetables and salads help to cope with our appetite. There is a lot of folic acid and vitamin K, which control the production of insulin. And insulin is just involved in the processing of glucose, increasing appetite.
√ Greens are LOW in calories: eat as much as you want, add as much as you want to your diet. I, during the period of active weight loss, added greens and green vegetables to my diet in portions of 200-250 grams twice a day. For what?! Of course, I ate more than one “grass” to lose weight !!! It’s just that when you eat more green foods, then you always eat less “harmful” ones.
√ And in general, thanks to the variety of green dishes, your diet can become very rich. But what is the best way to eat all this green variety in order to eventually come to harmony ?! Of course, fresh, well-washed, briefly or UNheated. Put greens at the end of cooking and immediately remove from heat, and then add oil. By the way, any greens are wonderfully combined with oils, yogurt, sour cream, as there are vitamins that are soluble in fats. Cut greens into salads, put on sandwiches, add to cottage cheese or cook green smoothies, there are many recipe options for which.

For example, a green smoothie. To prepare it, you need to beat any greens (parsley, dill, lemon grass, along with celery, kiwi, ginger, cucumber, apple) with a blender, adding a little water or whey. Even a simple mix of kefir with herbs can be an ideal snack.

Health to you and like yourself in the mirror!