Lose weight on bananas?!

And here is the evidence base:

• There is a lot of potassium in a banana, which means that it is able to remove sodium salts, ridding the body of excess fluid, that is, of edema

• Useful for the heart, improves the condition of blood vessels, treats hypertension

• Yes, a banana is an oligosaccharide (sucrose, fructose and glucose, but an unripe fruit has a low GI – only 29 units! It does not cause spikes in blood sugar

• Ideal before training, the session will be more efficient! the level of sugar will not rise quickly and the energy will last until the end of the session

• Ideal for #PP-baking, a great substitute for sugar – banana muffins, bread, pancakes, ice cream. All this is very tasty.

• Banana – MEGA satiating in itself, but rich in coarse fibers, it satisfies hunger for a long time and suppresses the desire to taste something sweet, which often happens to those who strive for harmony

• Thanks to him, irritation, anger and aggression for the whole world will definitely not appear. “Banana diet” supports a great mood! After all, bananas contain tryptophan, which is transformed into serotonin, the hormone of joy.

• Banana is a low-fat product (only 0.2%), which is also important for weight loss

• This is the only fruit that does not irritate our gastrointestinal tract, it can be eaten even with an ulcer, rather, even the composition of banana enzymes improves our microflora, and the content of pectins and chelates remove toxins and various harmful substances from the body, improving digestion

And the last… Tadaaam!!! Bananas can be eaten at night! Yes Yes! They have a lot of melatonin – the sleep hormone, so a piece of this delicacy will only contribute to sound sleep, and therefore excellent recovery.