How to eat right in autumn / winter and stay healthy and slim!?

The first cold weather came, it got dark earlier, and the fruits became more expensive. We took out warm clothes, and our body began to give signals, demanding more Kcal and fatty food … More and more often I want to eat a chocolate bar or a warm bun. Familiar?!

So here’s how to be:

√ We buy all products in from broccoli, tsv. kale, asparagus, spinach and green beans to raspberries, strawberries and pineapples to make a variety of smoothies and vegetable stews/casseroles.

√ We increase the Kcal of food due to protein! More often we eat squid, tuna, lean meat and, conversely, fatty red fish, not forgetting milk and legumes.

√ We introduce hearty potatoes, beets, sweet potatoes, pumpkins into the menu – ideally – in a baked form (it is better NOT to fry or even boil).

√ We have breakfast with complex carbohydrates – grains. And for lunch we eat more greens (lettuce, parsley, arugula).

√ In the morning or before training – carrot, sea buckthorn or orange juice with water – for energy and vitamins. Or just fruit.

√ Enriched with vitamin C, eat sauerkraut, apples, cranberries, black currants (frozen).

√ Do not forget about good fats – avocados, nuts and vegetable oil, Ghee.

√ We cook more warm dishes and drinks with spices (mashed soups, PP mulled wines, ginger tea, rosehip broth).

√ We do not deny ourselves sweets, we find time and prepare PP-pastries / sweets / chocolate. My website and blog will help you.

√ And, of course, if you start sticking to the PP now, then we will meet the New Year happy, healthy and slender!

Here are some simple rules, following which you can be calm about your health, mood, and figure!