I don’t count calories!

√ It is also important to give preference to foods containing a lot of fiber (vegetables, herbs, bran).

√ Don’t forget to drink more pure water. This rule is perhaps the classic one. We all know that it is impossible to wash a mountain of dirty dishes with one glass of water.

√ We eat slowly, chewing food well, often put the fork on the table (it’s easier to control ourselves).


√ And now the main secret that will help you pave your way to harmony: Mentally divide the plate in half and one half in half (as in the photo). We always fill 1/2 of the plate with vegetables and herbs (any fresh, baked or steamed, the exception is potatoes). 1/4 of a plate is whole grains (or baked potatoes). 1/4 plate is protein (meat, poultry, mushrooms, seafood, milk, legumes, eggs, fish). That’s all. But the plate should be medium in size (this is important).

√ Next, look at the total portions per day and, voila, weight loss is inevitable

This is the easiest way to lose weight. All health!