Where to start with proper nutrition?

• Still find time in your busy life schedule for training (gym, hot iron, water aerobics – whatever you like, at the initial stage, any regular load will benefit). There is no way to go out (children, for example) – do it at home, look on the Internet for a workout that suits you, which will take 5-20 minutes a day!

• Correcting nutrition! you can count kcal and #kbzhu or, like me, switch to a “clean” diet (I had no time to count kbzhu with two children, and now there is even less time).

What we do:
• Eliminate harmful carbohydrates (sugar, white bread, fried potatoes, etc.).

• We remove harmful fats (mayonnaise, cream, pork and in general everything fried in oil).

• Add healthy fats (linseed oil, nuts, avocados, red fish).

• Add fiber (more green and white vegetables, not counting potatoes, they can be baked with the skin on and eaten, for example, with a salad, but it’s better to replace it with mashed cauliflower or legumes for now).

• For sweets, we prefer berries and fruits (persimmons and grapes are best eaten before 4:00 pm, the rest can be used to make smoothies, add to the main course, leave for a snack). A banana can also be left for dinner (1/2 pc.), It contains melatonin, which is necessary for good sleep, and sleep is indispensable for weight loss!!!

• If you really like pastries – no problem, we cook all the PP according to my recipes, I have a lot of them on my website: Yagnetinskaya.com, the active link is in the profile. There are those that you can have for dinner, just cook or look for a diet cafe in your city.

• Dinner! These are omelettes with vegetables, stewed vegetables, fish, poultry with salad, some legumes.

• Let’s have breakfast! Ideally, green smoothies and complex carbohydrates with protein (porridge, yogurt, cheesecakes).

• We eat 3-5 times a day in portions up to 300 g (excluding greens), drink at least 2.5 liters of water per day, exclude alcohol. Your body will do the rest!

• Remember that more water is required on training days.

• If you do not feel hungry – small portions will not overload your digestive tract, maintaining a stable blood sugar level.
A hungry organism falls into a “panic” and tries to put aside as much as possible in reserve. If you constantly “feed” it, then you can “inspire” the system of regulation of fat metabolism that there is always food, and it is not necessary to make reserves.
With “fractional nutrition”, the absorption of nutrients is accelerated and less extra pounds are deposited on the waist.

To make it easier to follow all this, there are several important tricks:

• Try to buy only healthy foods: fresh or frozen vegetables, cereals, lean poultry and fish. From sweets, give preference to dark chocolate, fruits and berries. Think over your menu in a day or two; cook the main meal in the evening, cut salads;

• Prepared food can be immediately divided into portion containers, so it will be easier to limit portion sizes. By putting the container in the refrigerator, in the morning you can easily reheat food. And now, after a month of such nutrition and drinking regimen, you will see a tangible negative result on the scales.

• And the next step may be the rejection of sugar, sausages, trans fats, sweets, everything fried in oil. The body will simply stop demanding rolls, snickers and fried potatoes. The main thing is to hold out for 21 days – it is during this period that any habit is developed.

• Then you can start counting calories or move on to pure intuitive eating and, of course, exercise. You cannot build a beautiful strong body without sports.

The main thing is to start, and everything will work out for you!

I am sure that in a month the results will shock you, and soon you will have the figure of your dreams!

You just need to start today, and not after the New Year holidays or the birthday of your friend’s great-aunt!